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I had the fortunate opportunity of having an Intuitive Reading done by Arlène on the eve of the Scorpio Full Moon, as well as the eve of Vesak, celebrated in Buddhist traditions as the day the Buddha became enlightened under the bodhi tree.  In light of the pandemic and resulting quarantine, several of the questions that came to me for the reading were related to a sense of isolation and disconnectedness.  I was also wondering about a more existential question, which was when my mindfulness practice would become truly integrated into my 'actual' life outside of it?  Arlène definitely had her work cut out for her.

We began with a lovely affirmation of bringing our collective highest selves to the reading. Even through FaceTime, I could sense the energy rising.  I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited to see what Arlène might intuit based on my questions and the cards she pulled from her Divination Deck.

Right off the bat, the reading and Arlène's interpretation of the cards pulled began to shine light on some deep truths for me.  Her ability to 'know' that I am in the process of breaking out of old, habituated patterns and shedding layers of the self I thought I 'should' be, was thought provoking and insightful.  The additional cards gave me a glimpse into how to work with the themes/cards of issue; in other words, Arlène was able to use the cards as guidance for me toward both identifying blockages and uncovering potential paths to developing and honoring my truest self.

I cannot say enough about the energy, wisdom, and compassionate spirit that Arlène brought to our Intuitive Reading.  If anyone is having an itch to learn more about themselves or their spiritual path, Arlène is definitely a soul to invite in as part of the journey.

Deep gratitude and light to the beautiful presence and gifts of Arlène/Lune.


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