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The Owner of Lakay Lune

Arlène Elizabeth Casimir is the owner of Lakay Lune which is a healing and wellness venture that honors her ancestral lineage. 

Lakay means home in Haitian Creole and Lune is the nickname that Arlène's mother gave her. Lune means moon in French. Arlène sees her healing and wellness venture as a sacred space to engage with her inner child. 

Arlène comes from a long line of herbalists, people who had their hands in the dirt and who used herbs to make medicine.  She pulls from a multitude of ancestors, loas, spirit guides, studies, research, and her grandmothers’ wisdom as well as her grandfathers’ courage to conjure healing products, events, and services for the body, mind, and soul.

Lakay Lune was established on February 1, 2020 with intuitive herbal loose teas, tea ceremonies, tea tastings, and meditation circles. Now it is expanding to represent the many healing modalities that Arlène incorporates in her life, practice, and teachings. 

As a first-generation Haitian-American, Arlène recognizes the power of community, herbalism, literacy, and spiritual resilience to help others live with personal integrity, transcend their circumstances, and author their own lives.

Arlène has served as an activist, healer, spiritual advisor, teacher, and writer for over a decade. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in Psychology & Education with a focus on Spirituality, Mind, and Body at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

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