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Welcome to Lakay Lune

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I am so pleased to introduce myself with this illustrated representation of my healing and wellness venture that is rooted in ancestral lineage, education, personal, and spiritual growth.

I'm Lune. My birth name is Arlène. I'm a first generation Haitian-American from Brooklyn, NY and I practice alternative healing modalities that are a mix of Haitian spirituality, all that I have learned, and continue to explore along the way.

Lakay means home in Haitian Creole, hence the name of my business. I see this space as my "home" and anything I share (products, events, services, blog, etc.) as an offering to the community. I come from a long line of mystics and herbalists. People who worked the land, served their community, and who used plant medicine to heal with the help of Spirit.

Art is such a powerful way to communicate who we are and I worked with a graphic designer (IG: @davis_graphics_2) to bring some key ideas to life. Allow me to explain the symbolism in this image....

The hibiscus flower 🌺 , in my hand, (rose kayenn in Haitian Creole) is the national flower of Haiti (Ayiti) - my parents' native land. It represents courage, renewal, rapid growth, full development of potentialities, expansion, openness, and sharing.

The snake 🐍 is my power animal (discovered in a shamanic healing ceremony). It signifies healing, rejuvenation, totality, self-sufficiency, and wisdom. It honors Danbala-Wedo the Haitian Lwa who represents the goodness of the creator. A healing snake in the wilderness, Danbala-Wedo is powerful, slow moving, generous, kind and loving.

The lotus flowers 🌸 (in my hair and on my gown) symbolize my evolution and spiritual journey. They are the product of the union of opposites - light (sun) and dark (water). Lotus flower is the symbol of spirit and transformation.

The moon 🌚 represents me. My mother gave me the nickname Lune which means moon. 🌝 It signifies mystery, perpetual renewal, inner knowledge, enlightenment, and feminine magnetism. The moon also represents the crescent city - NOLA 🌙, where my initiation into healing work was solidified.

The creole cottage 🏠 represents home; a healing center; and a sanctuary. The place where I hold space. It's where my work is done for myself, family, friends, and the community.

The herbs 🌿 are at my feet, representing an ancestral calling to herbalism that is guiding my spiritual unfoldment. As I grow, I leverage the power of plants to support myself and others on the journey.

And the teapot represents my intuitive herbal tea blends 🍵 that are conjured for the body, mind, and soul. They’re how Lakay Lune began - with a tea ceremony. I have been chosen to create, serve and share these sacred beverages with the world.

Welcome to Lakay Lune, my home, a digital concept healing and wellness center.

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