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Bohio Music and Lakay Lune Present

Fèt Kouzen: Text

Fèt Kouzen

The Fèt: Sunday, May 1 2022, 4p.m. - 9p.m.

BKLYN Commons Rooftop 

495 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11225

The Experience: is multifaceted… part educational, part spiritual, and an opportunity to pay homage to the ancestors. Join us to learn more about Haitian culture, Haitian spirituality, Haitian Vodou and the Lwa (Spirit Force) Kouzen Zaka. It’s also a time to tap into the frequency of abundance to improve your business and career objectives. You do not need to be of Haitian descent or initiated to attend this event. 

The Culture:  Kouzen Zaka is a master herbalist who knows the secrets of the soil. This Lwa (Haitian Spirit Force) rules over farming and agriculture. He represents the tangible earth element while working with other elements (i.e.- air, water, and fire, etc.) to co-create Divine harmony.  Kouzen shows you how to manifest business and career dreams with discipline and hard work. Kouzen’s day is May 1 - Lune’s birthday- and the whole month of May is dedicated to honoring this Lwa in Haiti and in the Diaspora. Kouzen Zaka provides successful crops and harvest (both literally and figuratively speaking). His day of the week is Friday and his colors are denim blue, white, and green. Often likened to Saint Isidore the Farmer, some of Kouzen's favorite offerings include yams, cassava bread, tchaka (a hearty Haitian stew with red beans, corn & pork), white rum & sugar cane. Inside of his Djakout (Haitian straw sack), he keeps healing herbs, a pipe (for peace, purification, and smoke cleansing), food, cash, candles & offerings among other things from those whom he blesses. His wife and business partner, Kouzin, another Haitian spirit force, sells his crops at the market & often assists with his petitions. In English, ‘kouzen’ translates to cousin and this familiar title is how we address this energy.  He comes with a lot of different names: Azaka Mede, Azaka/Zaka Si, Azaka/Zaka La, Zaka Krib, Zaka Toné, Kouzen Mòn, and many others. There are a whole variety of children in fanmi Kouzen as well.

Many experience Kouzen as a source of creativity and creative drive. We welcome you to embrace and activate this part of Haitian Culture and Spirituality at our Fèt.

Read on to learn more about our offerings, the attire, the order of events....


 ​Our Offerings: Include but are not limited to gift bags for our guests,  a Kouzen "chic" attire contest with prizes for three best dressed participants. A photo-booth. Haitian coffee, Haitian tea, Haitian food, Haitian delicacies, signature drinks, live music and dance performances, a talk on the Kouzen Lwa and energy as well as a breakdown on Haitian culture, Haitian spirituality and Haitian Vodou, There will also be an opportunity to  shop with curated vendors. 

Our Invitation: Bring an open heart, an open mind, and an open spirit to the experience. They say what is placed on the altar will be altered. This is why we invite you to bring offerings to Kouzen Zaka’s altar to receive support with cultivating abundance and attracting aligned and prosperous business opportunities. (The offerings are anything of the Earth - fresh fruit, flowers, herbs, vegetables, libations, “Spirits”, and cash).  

The Attire: is earth tones, denim blue, karabela, plaid, khaki, (twal sianm), and/or Kouzen or Kouzine chic which is various shades of green and floral prints in cocktail or formal attire. 

Order of Events: 

  •  Lune’s Birthday Party (invitation)

  • Mingling -  Food, Dessert, Tea Ceremony & Coffee

  • Kouzen Keynote, Mariaj Lwa, Noces (Wedding, Mache (offerings)

  • Dance Performance

  • Performance by Rosna 

  • Bohio Music Performance

  • Closing

We call upon Kouzen Zaka when we need: 

  • help with finding a job

  • bringing success to a business venture

  • Divinely aligned and strong relationships and partnerships

  •  herbal medicine

Fèt Kouzen: Welcome

Fèt Kouzen Tickets

  • General Admission

    free gift bag, food, & access to live music & performances
    • This ticket is for ONE guest only.
  • Signature Drinks

    all that's included in general admission plus 3 drinks
    • This ticket is for ONE guest only.
Fèt Kouzen: PaidPlans
Fèt Kouzen: Pro Gallery

Meet The Organizers

Bohio Music and Lakay Lune



Owner of Lakay Lune & Co-Founder of Fèt Kouzen


Riva Nyri & Monvelyno

Artists and Co-Founders of Bohio Music, Fèt Gede, Fèt Ezili and now Fèt Kouzen

Fèt Kouzen: Meet The Team
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